Thursday, September 22, 2011

Using SnapZ Pro X

Snapz Pro X 2.1 Manual.pdf (2.988 Mb)

You can capture any video (and audio) that appears on your screen, even from a copyrighted DVD or from Flash or QuickTime video that is set not to be savable.  However, you can usually only do a few minutes at a time.

Snapz Pro X works in the background and is accessed with the following key combination:  Command-Shift-7.  Here's what you do:

1.  Have your video ready to go from the spot where you want to start capturing.

2.  If you are using DVD-Player, set the View to Actual Size, not full screen.

3. Activate  Snapz Pro X  with the key combination Command-Shift-7.

4. Click on "Movie" (but note that you can also use this to grab a still from a DVD) and check the destination.  (Let's leave it on Desktop, okay?)

5. Use the hand tool and the familiar eight handles to drag a marquee over the video window. 

6. Hit the Return key.

7.  Name your file and click Save.

8. "Action!"  This means it's recording, so yo have to hit the play button on your video right away.. But don't worry, if you record some non-action, you can always delete it later in QuickTime.

9.  When you're done recording, hit Command-Shift-7 again.

10.  Save the video and audio track.  It will render out a file that you can convert to whatever format you need. A copy of the manual is attached as an external file.

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